Just what the city has been waiting for: A fight between a cupcake shop and an ice cream shop! Crumbs Bake Shop and Crema Lita taking it to the cupcakes. Crumbs used to supply cupcakes to Crema Lita, the ice cream chain which had to change its "low-fat" claims when it was found their ice cream was fatty, but then Crema Lita CEO Jeffrey Britz decided to use cupcakes from his own bakery, the SoHo Cupcake Co. The NY Post reports that Crumbs is now suing Crema Lita for making "exact replicas of all 28 signature [Crumbs] cupcakes," but Crema Lita contends that Crumbs doesn't have exclusivity to use Snickers or Reese's Peanut Butter cups on cupcakes. Plus, Britz adds, "We believe our product is substantially better and we are confident that we would emerge victorious in a blind taste test." Post food critic Steve Cuozzo decided to step into the fray and says both cupcakes suck: "They all taste as bad as the cupcakes my mother bought from the supermarket in 1958."

The Daily News gave Crumbs the lowest ratings in taste tests at various NYC cupcakeries.