There are several ways to evaluate the crosstown rivalry between the Mets and the Yankees: for example, the Mets certainly have the best mascot and the best freakishly big apple in the city, but the Yankees have 27 platinum rings. Which leaves only one question: who has the best theme song?

According to the anti-WSJ, the Mets theme, "Meet the Mets," takes the cake! The Times recaps the history of both that tune and the Yankees fight song, "Here Comes the Yankees," and finds marked differences in the legacy and use of each ditty. "Meet the Mets," which was written by Ruth Roberts and adopted by the team in their second season of existence, "manages to express the team’s unaggressive image."

On the other hand, Lou Stallman's Yankees theme is much more agressive, something "George Steinbrenner could have composed." And while "Meet the Mets" has endured for the Mets, played at Citifield, in promotional ads on SNY and as the opening song for broadcasts on WFAN, the Yankees song only gets played in a reduced instrumental form before and after WCBS Radio broadcasts.

So which song—audio of both are after the jump—do you think is the best?