Back in September, we reported on Transtrap, which allows germ-fearing subway riders to latch themselves on to subway poles without any hand-to-pole contact. Transtrap is made up in Boston, and we regret that when we did the original piece, we missed out on a home-town competitor: the Metrogrip. New York Magazine reports on Metrogrip this week-- invented by a 25-year old model, it folds over the pole instead of latching on, and seems like it might be easier to fold up and drop in your coat than the Transtrap. However, Transtrap does have some snappy accessories, including this very helpful Metrocard holder! Which is better? Probably depends on your subway riding style. And if you ask us, true germophobes don't even ride the subway-- they only leave their houses wearing a full-body condom lubricated with generous dollops of Purell.