The primary is just over a week away and one of the heated battles in for the 14th District, which overs much of Manhattan's East Side as well as Roosevelt Island and Queens' Astoria, Long Island City and Sunnyside neighborhoods. Rep. Carolyn Maloney has been in office since 1993, but Reshma Saujani, an attorney (she recently worked as general counsel for a hedge fund), has been mounting a challenge. Yesterday, the NY Times endorsed Maloney while the Daily News announced its backing of Saujani today.

The Times calls Saujani "an impressive and energetic young lawyer of Indian descent who argues that New York needs the voice of a new generation and a new slice of the city’s ethnic pie" (though it doesn't mention her love of Kate Spade wedges) but complains, "It is a bitter campaign with unpleasant charges from both sides. The two candidates should do a lot better for voters than snipe at each other." Ultimately, the Gray Lady supports the incumbent, "We see no good reason to discard Ms. Maloney. She has been a stalwart in fighting for women’s rights, financial reform, health care for workers at ground zero and better protections for credit card users. Ms. Saujani agrees with Ms. Maloney on these issues, but Ms. Maloney has already acted on them in Congress, at considerable political risk."

The News applauds Maloney's accomplishments in protecting bank customers and credit card users, as well as her work for 9/11 workers, but is annoyed, too, "She has essentially been a lockstep member of a congressional majority that joined with President Obama in pushing through legislation that has proven fiscally irresponsible," and "It is distinctly disappointing that Maloney refuses to debate Saujani on television." The News, which likes Saujai's vigor and background, decides, "With appreciation for her service, the truth must be told: Maloney has complacently maxed out. The time for new vision and higher energy has arrived."