The saga on Jane Street continues, as neighbors unite against the Jane Hotel's nightlife crowd. Andrea Peyser pens a piece about the battle, pitting children with asthma ("every night, choking smoke fills the family's living space") against bold-faced party-goers like the Kate Winslet and Edward Norton. Yep, the modern-day Tiny Tim lives in a multi-million dollar Manhattan home with a backyard!

The scene painted isn't exactly pretty (broken beer bottles, cigarette butts, blaring music, drunken crowds, used condoms, the Olsen twins)... but this is New York City. However, the NIMBY parental units who want their fancy zip code and their children not in earshot of club noise, declare: "It's a nice, quiet family street. And no one's getting enough sleep!"

The neighbors have now hired PR man Ken Frydman and have formed a coalition called Jane Street Neighbors United; as previously mentioned you can follow along via Twitter and their blog. At this time, the Jane Hotel says that "a lot of these issues have been rectified. It's a process. It's not going to happen overnight."