php3DEohJAM.jpgAll good things must come to an end, and so might Darren Miller's decade long scam of turning nearly 10 acres of city land into his own personal cash cow. Brooklyn DA, Charles J. Hynes, addressed the press yesterday (video at NY1) saying that Miller gave “new meaning to the word chutzpah," while Miller himself faces prosecution on charges on trespassing, illegally dumping, and dismantling cars without a license, according to the NY Times.

The land is worth around $200M, and Miller, who pleaded not guilty, is claiming he owns it via "adverse possession." Allegedly he was sent a letter in 2005 signed by the Dept. of Housing Preservation which stated he was illegally occupying the land, however he responded saying he was claiming it. The legal process surrounding this is likely to be a long, drawn out one--as the city says part of the property belongs to a private developer. Meanwhile, one truck driver who kept his vehicle there for a low monthly payment told the Times that he was moving to Florida, adding, “New York has too many permits, and too many laws."