Goldman Sachs just can't do anything right. The latest qualm against the company doesn't mention their obscene bonuses or their salty talk, but rather a collection of ferries the company has paid to run 16 hours a day between their office tower in Jersey City and their new headquarters in Battery Park City. The noise from the boats has gotten so loud that Battery Park City officials say they want to kick Port Authority of New York and New Jersey out of the floating terminal, claiming the noise violates the terms of their lease. Of course, money will solve everything.

Goldman is having two quieter ferryboats built for around $5 million, which could replace the BillyBey boats by the end of the year. Which is good, because James E. Cavanaugh, the president of the Battery Park City Authority, wrote a letter to the Port Authority saying the ferry service had "unreasonably inconvenienced and annoyed" Battery Park residents. Way to make the situation sound as innocuous as possible, Cavanaugh. This is Goldman Sachs you're talking about; bring on the vitriolic hyperbole!

BillyBey says they have not heard any complaints about noise since switching to quieter boats last year, and some Goldman Sachs employees allegedly believe locals are just piling criticism on an easy target. And though residents wish the boats would just go away, one Goldman employee told 1010WINS that's impossible. "They invested too much money for it to go down the drain."