After nearly a week in a coma, the little boy who was allegedly beaten into a coma by his mother's boyfriend died over the weekend. Three-year-old Jaden Jordan was taken off life support and passed away at New York Presbyterian Hospital.

Jaden's father Guseyn Aliyev said, "It was devastating, when they first turned the machine off. It’s hard, you know. You know, the doctor said that that’s it, he’s never going to come back after this."

Jaden was found unconscious last Monday afternoon, after police were called to the Gravesend, Brooklyn home where he resided with his mother and her boyfriend, Salvatore Lucchesse. Lucchesse, who was watching the boy, reportedly claimed that he was trying to bathe Jaden when he fell and hit his head on the tub. Lucchesse also claimed he tried to give Jaden CPR, but some reports suggest the injuries were not new.

Doctors found that Jaden had a fractured skull, in addition to a lacerated kidney and a lacerated liver, and believed his injuries were of an "inflicted nature." Lucchesse was charged with four counts of assault and child endangerment; his attorney claims he is innocent.

The Administration for Children's Services had received a tip about an abused child days before Jaden was hospitalized, but the tipster gave the wrong address—for the neighboring house—and ACS workers went to the incorrect home. ACS didn't determine the correct address until Monday, and it's unclear if any ACS investigators went to the home before Jaden was hospitalized. The Daily News reports, "Neighbors and a police source said the boy was forced to stay inside a dog cage and was menaced by a pit bull."

ACS said, "We are investigating the circumstances that led to this incident."