Aye, mateys, a strong wind is going to blow. We love days like today when something actually happens in weatherland. What's happening is a cold front tearing across the Northeast this morning. There was a line of storms ahead of the front earlier this morning but they appear to have dissipated. As we type the front is near the border of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. It should pass through town by 11 a.m.

After that It'll be a windy, dry day. A wind advisory is in effect until midnight. Watch out for flying debris as the wind will be a steady 20-25 mph with gusts up to 50 mph.

We've got two choices for today's high temperature. You can a side with the Weather Service and expect a high near 74. Or you can side with everyone else and look for a high around 66-68. Air is going to be sliding down the leading edge of the high pressure system behind the front. When air sinks like that it compresses and warms, much like the Santa Ana winds in Southern California but without the mountains, and the Weather Service is placing great weight on that warming effect today.

The winds should die down overnight setting the stage for a sunny Thursday with a high near 70 and no chance of seeing an undulatus asperatus. A low pressure system arriving from the south should bring more rain on Friday and possibly into Saturday.