In more slightly stale news, technology runs amok in the bathroom. Microsoft is attempting to introduce the iLoo, a system for logging on while you're "logging off". While we have often thought that the toilet was the correct place for Microsoft technology, we can't approve of this intrusion into our most private time. On the other hand, the article also mentions putting interesting URLs on toilet paper. Could this be a good opportunity for some Gothamist merchandising? (Read all about the iLoo true-or-not kerfuffle in Gizmodo.)

Urine control at MIT...nerds!Meanwhile, at my alma mater, where everyone seems to have too much time (among other things) on their hands, they have devised the first urine-based computer interface. (More info in pdf format on the Urine Control system.) This is somehow supposed to enhance the act of urination by allowing you to play games. Clearly, they have forgotten the maxim: "Never whistle while you're pissing".