2005_08_batl.jpgWhile people expect to see rodents in the subway system, it's rare that a flying rodent makes it onto a train car. Apparently, a bat flew into a Brooklyn-bound L train at Eighth Avenue over the weekend. The bat actually flew into Rachel Elkind, who told the Post, "I thought: This is fake. Did someone just throw this plastic thing at me as a joke?... Then we saw it breathing." Another passenger, Patrick Roche, "used a magazine-subscription card to scoop it into a bag," and Gothamist is impressed: Roche actually found a use for those subscription cards. They set the bat free at First Street and Avenue A, which means it'll have to take the F next time.

Gothamist loves stories of animals taking mass transit; last August, a dog got onto a 2 train, and a police officer said he's seen "chicken, cats. Once a rat took a train downtown." It really is the best to get there!