Family members of Taconic crash victims Michael and Guy Bastardi were back on television yesterday, escalating what has become an ugly feud with Diane Schuler's husband Daniel. Margaret Nicotina and Roseanne Guzzo returned to The Today Show to publicly respond to the continued denials of Daniel Schuler (seen this week on Larry King Live) and his lawyer Dominic Barbara that Diane Schuler was drunk and stoned when she drove the wrong way in the crash that killed eight. After Barbara was speaking in terms implying a plot in the Schuler investigation, now the Bastardis were the ones shooting back vague accusations. Nicotina said that Daniel Schuler knows what really happened the morning of the crash before hitting the road, despite his claims that there was nothing unusual or off about his wife that morning. She said, "It makes me angry. It makes me angry that he keeps denying it ... I wish he would just admit [she was drunk]." Bastardi family attorney Irving Anolik called Daniel Schuler's insistence for his wife's body to be exhumed because he believe the autopsy to be wrong "totally outrageous" and "an insult to the American public."