2006_11_basabe.jpgIt's some Daily News gossip gold on this quiet Thanksgiving weekend: Fabian Basabe, who you may or may not know from such incidents as suing Bungalow 8, getting thrown out of a Hamptons club and calling the doorman "Negro," dirty-dancing with Barbara Bush and being seen about town (we needed to check the Jossip index on him to familiarize ourselves), was "arrested for drunken driving, driving without a license, and running a red light" on Wednesday night, according to the Daily News exclusive.

Basabe was near Central Park West and 65th Street when the police caught him in his Hummer, and Basabe's lawyer told the News, "These were bumbling officers who employed antiquated and faulty equipment" to test Basabe's blood-alcohol level...[the police] were interested in bagging a boldfaced-name defendant." Huh, so when police run people's name through the system, they are flagged with saying "Hey, this driver is [semi] famous - time to break out the handcuffs!" Or do the police get clippings every day of the gossip sections, to better familiarize themselves with "boldfaced-names." The lawyer also claims it's unclear whether or not the light really was red when Basabe was driving through it.

But the Daily News did some research: "A check of the New York Division of Motor Vehicles database by The News did not turn up a license for Basabe in this state, and he told Paper Magazine in a December 2005 interview that he does not have a license." Interesting!