2006_07_e62collapse3b.jpgThe death of Dr. Nicholas Bartha, the Upper East Side doctor who allegedly blew up his four-story townhouse, was ruled a suicide. Bartha died from the third degree burns he sustained from the blast; his obesity and diabetes complicated his recovery, and the NY Times says he had developed an infection. The Post has a photograph of Bartha being pulled from the rubble that's kind of spooky.

Authorities believe that Bartha, bitter over a multi-million dollar divorce settlement he would have to pay by selling the townhouse he and his parents bought, tampered with a gas line and blew up the building last Monday. His lawyer, Ira Garr, said: "His death, though expected, is the sad end to a long series of tragic events for him. Hopefully his family can get some peace out of this. His passing is the best thing for them. Now they can move on with their lives." We hope they can move on with their lives - with one lawsuit pending and possibly more to come, the next chapter will be how any insurance money or sale of the land will be distributed.