A bartender at a Tribeca club claims her bosses forced her to work at sex parties, handing out drinks while naked people rubbed their bodies together. Partygoers "didn't come to dance or get a drink, or sit at the bar. They came specifically for this...One goal only: sex," the bartender said.

Jamilya Bliss, 37, told the Post that she's worked at Club Remix for the last 14 years, but the sex didn't become so open or so rampant until the last four years. She described what the parties are like: "If anyone wants to come to the bathroom, to exit or get a drink, if they're naked, they just come out," she said. "It got so comfortable, everything was out in the open, in the bar, on the dance floor."

The first time she encountered one of the special parties, she thought it was just a pajama-themed event: "The club hosts different types of events, birthday parties, baby showers, even a wedding reception...It started out like a normal party. Just people buying drinks, talking, listening to music. Then, you’re working for a couple of hours, and people got ‘comfortable.'"

Bliss says that when she complained about the parties and expressed her discomfort with working them to her boss, Panagiotis Kotsonis, "his response was, ‘What do you care?'" Her attorney, Thomas Ricotta, noted that, "part of what’s so egregious here is that you have an employer explicitly saying to you, ‘You’re going to be subjected to this, or you’re going to be fired.' That’s wrong."

Bliss is suing the club and Kotsonis and seeking unspecified damages for subjecting her "to nudity, prostitution, and people performing sexual acts in her presence."