A bartender at Monster in the West Village was beaten by a group of men on Saturday night. The police are investigating whether it was a bias crime, since the men yelled,
"C'mon f----t! Learn how to walk, [expletive]!"
Kyle Spidle, an aspiring actor, was crossing Grove Street at Waverly when the a black Acura entered the crosswalk. According to the reports, "as a reflex," Spidle hit the hood of the car and yelled "learn how to drive!", which enraged the driver and passengers. Spidle ran away, but the group caught up and hit and punched him, leaving him with a broken jaw, cheekbone, nose, and fractures around his right eye. One of the two men arrested is a Department of Sanitation worker, while a third man is still at large.

Yikes. Spidle did what most New York pedestrians might do - get angry at drivers (we've done it, we admit). It isn't advisable, of course, but in this city of bad drivers, it does happen. But this is a terrible reminder that we have to be defensive when we walk and we should just ignore the stupidity of drivers when possible.