New Yorkology helps solidify the list of Manhattan bars you can smoke in! NYology asked the city's Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (someday, Gothamist will figure out what mental hygiene means because we know that we can't wash our brains) to compile the list, and here are six more bars, added to Karma Lounge in the East Village and cigar bar Club Macanudo on East 63rd that we knew about: Carnegie Bar & Books at 156 West 56th Street, Lexington Bar and Books at 1020 Lexington Avenue, Circa Tabac at 32 Watts Street, Kush at 183 Orchard Street, Hudson Bar and Books at 636 Hudson Street, and Grand Havana Room at 666 Fifth Avenue, 39th Floor. Many of these places are allowed to skirt the smoking ban because they also sell cigars; some charge a "smoking cover" if you don't buy a cigar, because a certain amount of the revenue needs to come from cigar sales. Also, you can smoke in the Campbell Apartment at Grand Central.