After getting into a public squabble with a CUNY trustee at a groundbreaking event on Tuesday, City Councilman Charles Barron wants him out. According to the Daily News, the controversial Council member told an audience at Medgar Evers College (a CUNY school), "The Board of Trustees has to change... This is a racist, rednecked right-winger who's sitting on the Board of Trustees. Make sure you write a letter and say he must be removed."

Barron was referring to trustee Jeffrey Wiesenfeld, who called Barron a "disgrace" at the Tuesday ceremony because Barron was complaining that he wasn't allowed to speak earlier and that he was given a seat in the audience, instead at the front with other officials. Their exchange devolved into a shouting match with Barron yelling, "You just be quiet. Ain't nobody talking to you. Whether you like it or not, I'm here and I'm not going anywhere. You sit there. You shut up!" and Wiesenfeld later calling Barron a "thug" and a "hater." (The News points out, "Wiesenfeld was appointed to the CUNY board by Gov. George Pataki in 1999, despite allegations he referred to blacks as 'savages' and Hasidic Jews as 'thieves.'") It got so bad, "young children were escorted away" from the event.

Because of their actions, the News' editorial board bestows upon both men the "New York Knucklehead Award", reminding us Barron "once objected to sitting near a statue of 'slave-owning pedophile' Thomas Jefferson in the Council, made a stink over naming a street after racist kidnapper Sonny Carson and played City Hall host to murderous Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe."