Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Cuomo had two problems with his attempt to mingle with potential voters at the 125th Street A train station: The rain and supporters of City Councilman Charles Barron's Freedom Party bid. Captial Tonight's Josh Robin reports, "Cuomo got entirely overrun by Charles Barron protesters and abandoned the subway stop gladhandling. The rain didn’t help either.”

Barron launched a protest bid for governor in response to the all-white slate running for state office—Cuomo, his LG candidate Bob Duffy, Attorney General candidate Eric Schneiderman, Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli. Captial Tonight adds, "The Barron backers only numbered a half dozen, but they were vocal and effective. They shouted 'Harlem is not for sale!' and 'Cuomo-Paladino: Different name, same game!' (Yikes)."

Cuomo is supposed to meeting with black leaders, including the Reverend Al Sharpton, former state comptroller (and his 2002 rival) Carl McCall, and former city comptroller Bill Thompson, in Harlem today to discuss strategy, but the always-outspoken Barron was unimpressed when he spoke to the Daily Politics just now: Referring to Cuomo, "You have not dealt with the black community until what, 36 days before the election [and then] you coming to Harlem?"

Barron also added, "Cuomo is... he's pathetic, and not just for the black community. He's never passed a state or city budget in his life. He hasn't faced the media as he should -- [and] the minute he showed up in the media, with Bloomberg, he lied there."