2006_10_teterplane.jpgWednesday night, recently installed barriers helped avert a disaster at Teterboro Airport. WABC 7 Eyewitness News reports that a ten ton jet missed a turn while taxiing after landing and "was headed toward the airport fence and busy Route 46." Luckily, it hit an "arrestor bed," which is a "system of collapsible concrete barriers that can stop a plane" yet not damage it. Brilliant! But what's extra lucky: The arrestors were only installed a few days ago.

Back in February 2005, a plane somehow skidded from the runway, crossed Route 46, and crashed into a warehouse, causing a three-alarm fire. We recall some talk about putting up some sort of barriers in the wake of that accident back then. Here's more information about the 2005 crash - can you imagine being the commuter driving along and seeing a plane come towards you?

Teterboro Airport is 12 miles away from NYC and used to be a World War I airplane manufacturing facility.