2005_10_barberpole.jpgA man ousted from owning a Washington Heights barbershop returned to the shop and its new owners and killed one owner and shot the other owner as well as customers. Eddy Espinal was arrested for killing Ernesto Filpo and shooting Franklin Rodney, who owned Franklin and Ernesto's Barber Shop. Espinal, Filpo and Rodney had all worked together at a barbershop across the street, before Espinal opened his own shop on St. Nicholas Avenue near West 189th Street. When his business failed, his landlord gave the space to Filpo and Rodney who were successful, causing Espinal to harrass them as well as beg them to have the space back. Two customers were injured in the shooting incident, and Rodney, are in stable conditions at uptown hospitals; Espinal's long barrel gun was found under a car and he was charged with second degree murder and assault.