Later today ABC will join together Barack Obama with the ladies of The View. While they tell us the main focus of their interview segment is on the "controversial remarks of Reverend Jeremiah Wright" (something that Elizabeth Hasselbeck has slammed him for in the past), one of the clips shows Barbara Walters telling Obama he is, "very sexy looking." At which point the presidential candidate needs to fan himself from the 78-year-old news legend's praise!

Witness the awkwardness, including Obama discussing his relation to the equally "very sexy looking" Brad Pitt:

Now pull yourself together and watch him talk about less blush-inducing issues here and here.

Yesterday Mayor Bloomberg was less telling than, say, Barbara Walters, when it came to how he felt about Obama. While he warmly introduced him before his speech at Cooper Union, the Mayor remained neutral to the point of not clapping after his speech.