Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama's weekend bicycle ride is still being parsed. To some, his bicycle seat seems too low. To others, his tires seem flat. And to many, his outfit just seemed like a way to look dorky, maybe because he's so cool.

Commenters on the Huffington Post wondered why he was biking in jeans. The Chicago Tribune's Eric Zorn noted that "politicians are now best advised to avoid helmets of any sort" (flashback: Michael Dukakis in the tank). Newsweek recalled Seinfeld (burn!). And the Daily News has feedback from two NYC style mavens. Barneys creative director Simon Doonan said, "I like seeing my politicians in goofy weekend attire. It means they're thinking about more important stuff."

Tim Gunn also praised Obama, telling the News, "I am grateful that he is not wearing sweats. I am grateful that he is wearing athletic shoes and not Crocs, and I am grateful he is wearing a collar. For a weekend out with the kids, I think he looks great. I give him a B-plus." Ha!

Michelle Obama's fashion sense has been examined in recent days--the Washington Post's Robin Ghivan said she "brings strength" to her Jackie O.-style dress last Tuesday while the NY Times' Guy Trebay also noted her style parallels Barbara Bush's.