Senator Barack Obama is coming back to New York City today, for some late TV night face time AND to raise even more money. While Senator Hillary Clinton's camp is playing it cool and Clinton strategist Howard Wolfson telling the Daily News, "We're thrilled with our hometown support," the Post lists all the former Clinton donors who are now supporting Obama.

Obama has two fundraisers on his agenda and he'll be appearing on Late Night with David Letterman tonight. Pollsters and consultants say that as much money as Obama raises in New York, Clinton is sure to win the state primary. Which is true - but he can just take the NY cash and spend it elsewhere. And one of Obama's fund-raisers want him to go to Harlem to, as the Post suggests, "[seek] a beachhead in the neighborhood where Bill Clinton keeps an office."

Obama had a series of successful fund-raisers in the city last month, and it was revealed that he raised $25 million in the first quarter - about a million shy of what Clinton raised. New York magazine notes that with so much money raised, the "promises to be an all-out ad war." And the Daily News inspires all sorts of thoughts with its Bill Clinton metaphor: "Besides this week's Manhattan events, Camp Clinton is unholstering the Bubba gun for a trip to California next weekend; a rare, low-dollar hat-passer the following week at Pier 94, and then events in Nassau and Westchester counties in early May."

Photograph of Obama at a Veteran's Home in Iowa by Charlie Neibergall/AP