2007_12_smithmills.gifA novel twist on the bar-neighbor dispute: A Tribeca bar claims the upstairs resident has prevented them from doing business. A lawsuit filed by Smith and Mills, a bar that opened on N. Moore Street back in May, reveals that Victoria Hillstron apparently:
- Called the police and Department of Buildings to report "false" building code violations.
- "stood in front of plaintiff's establishment to prevent construction from taking place"
- Told "patrons not to enter."
- Smashed "glassware, liquor wine and other bottles" inside the bar, plus "screaming"

Not only that, but Hillstron allegedly claimed she was Bruce Ratner's sister and would threaten to "use her clout to get cops in trouble with the mayor's office if they don't take her allegations against the restaurant seriously." (Hillstron is not related to Ratner.)

Smith and Mills wants Hillstron kicked out, as well as the apartment's owner, restaurateur Carlos Alameda, plus monetary damages.

Photograph of Smith and Mills from Thrillist