A new law going in effect today could spare bar and restaurant owners from fees given for serving minors if employees take classes on identifying fake IDs (last month, a 17-year-old girl accidentally fell to her death from a building's ledge, not too long after partying with a fake Brazilian ID). Businesses can get a 25% discount off the fines if all the employees pass the class from the Empire State Restaurant & Tavern Association. However, executive director Scott Wexler just rendered all those classes useless by giving away this tip for free: "If you bend a license, and if it's valid, it will not crease. In a simple 30 to 45 seconds, bar staff can identify if they are serving underage drinkers."

However, that seems to apply just to New York licenses that have that crazy bendable-plastic-hologram thing going on, so here are a few more tips for you bouncers out there. Yahoo suggests looking at the card holder, because if they're underage they'll most likely be nervous. Also check for fuzzy numbers and old expiration dates, and if they have a tough time answering questions about the license. If they hesitate when asked what their middle initial stands for, they might be lying. But really, if the kid got it anywhere near NYU it should be pretty obvious, as Vermont licenses are not purple or validated only by the cardholder's "signed truth pledge." We know from experience.