2006_11_deweys.jpgYikes! A woman is suing Dewey's Flatiron bar after no one from the bar tried to stop someone from attacking her. Back on September 4, Jillian Tyler and a friend went to Dewey's on Fifth Avenue, and the friend ran into "rival" Keisha Morrison. Tyler says she didn't know Morrison, but that didn't stop Morrison from punching her for minutes and slashing her so badly that she needed 100 stitches.

Morrison was charged with first-degree assault; Tyler told the Daily News, "I felt like I was being chopped up on the chopping board. She got me good." And she added that the bouncers "could not have cared less." And Tyler's attorney says, "We understand that fights happen in bars. But what should never be the case is for a fight to be as prolonged or brutal as it was." Hmm, that is strange, but maybe the bouncers didn't want to get hurt. Or maybe they wanted to watched a girl-on-girl fight. But you'd think that a bar might expect a lawsuit if they don't come to the aid of their patrons when they get injured. Oh, wait, what are we thinking?