2005_12_fordham.jpgNews flash: College students are drinking on campus. News flash, 2: More NYC-area college students are getting liquor violations. The Daily News looked at federal crime data and found that liquor violations increased for Fordham, NYU and Columbia over the past few years - and that other crime figures increased. Fordham had a 12% increase for liquor violations in 2004 (1,164) and a 9% increase in drug crimes. NYU had a 19% increase with its 153 liquor citations and Columbia had 11 liquor violations in 2004. The Daily News does note that the federal data might not be reliable, but this still begs the question: Are kids at NYU and Columbia much better at hiding liquor violations than the ones at Fordham? Keeping it to the dorms and the bars that will willingly serve to the underaged, while Fordham students bust out more to play beer pong all over the Bronx?