A faltering Atlantic City casino, already slated to shut down in September, has an additional problem on its hands: An armored car service managed to lose more than $20,000 of the resort's money after the driver left it on the vehicle's roof. To think we once found the Romney dog incident alarming.

Employees of GardaWorld armored car service stopped at the the moribund Revel casino for a cash pickup the morning of August 6, collecting a bag filled with around $21,000, Press of Atlantic City reports. Surveillance footage shows the truck pulling away from Revel just before 11 a.m., the sack o' money still precariously balanced on the rear driver's side roof.

It was still there when the truck made its next stop at Resorts Atlantic City about six minutes later, where it somehow went unnoticed. It was still there even as the truck took off down Pennsylvania Avenue toward Route 40, but it seems, at that point, it'd had enough. It's unknown where the money fell off, but by God: Whoever found it had a hell of a day.

Operators of the bankrupt Revel casino, for their part, can scarcely wait to shut the place down, since it's bleeding more than $1 million a week. (State regulators are forcing the resort to remain open through Labor Day weekend.) Despite its reputation as Atlantic City's swankiest hotel, attempts to sell it were unsuccessful. It was built in 2012 for $2.4 billion, and employs 3,100 people. That's a lot of people to be suddenly unemployed in an already struggling AC economy, but good news: There's probably a few job openings available at GardaWorld armored car service.