On Saturday morning 27-year-old Citigroup associate investment banker Jessica Fashano jumped to her death from the top of a Trump Place apartment building on Riverside Blvd. To make an already tragic situation sadder, stories today paint the picture of the rare banker with a soul—Fashano was deeply involved in helping raise money for charities at an age when most of her peers are not. The many remembrances of her on Facebook only seem to further the picture of a dedicated young woman with an infectious laugh.

Though Fashano—who was reportedly taking medication for depression—left no note, the death is being ruled a suicide since there is video of her clearly going to the roof by herself. One question is how Fashano, who lived on West 53rd Street, got into the doorman building she didn't live in in the first place (initial reports said that she had a friend in the building). Especially after another person recently tried to take his life by jumping 40-stories from a building he didn't live in just a few blocks away (he survived). Fashano's last known words were to ask another elevator passenger for directions to the roof.