A former private wealth manager at Morgan Stanley is accused of secretly videotaping multiple sexual encounters with women in his Upper East Side apartment without their knowledge and then uploading the action onto Vimeo and YouTube. John C. Kelly, the son of prominent lawyer John Q. Kelly, was arraigned yesterday on a 19-count indictment on unlawful surveillance and other charges. But the whole thing is just a big misunderstanding, you see, because the cameras were only intended to monitor his dog.

"I have this camera set up in my apartment to watch my dog when I'm not there,” Kelly told investigators, according to court papers released yesterday. "It's not on and sometimes stays on. So I accidentally recorded myself having sex because it's always recording." We hate it when that happens.

Kelly has not yet explained how his mischievous dog managed to upload the raunchy videos onto YouTube and Vimeo. A lawyer for one of the women tells the News, “Kelly was using an elaborate system off taping. He was using three different devices.”

He allegedly used a hidden camera, a web cam and a "stealth phone app" to film the romps the dog. One of the cameras was allegedly hidden on a bookcase, but it was only supposed to document his amazing dog reading Bleak House while wearing a smoking jacket and slippers. But then those horny humans got in the way!

The investigation began after the women brought copies of the footage to the Manhattan DA's office at the beginning of last year. But Kelly's lawyer argued yesterday that the case really started after Kelly reported to police that one of the women was stalking him and had trashed his apartment. “This is an ill-advised prosecution and Mr. Kelly is the victim in this case,” Brafman told reporters after the arraignment.

Kelly, who was reportedly fired from Morgan Stanley "for writing bad checks" on the same day he was arrested, has his next court date in April. It's still unclear how his dog got access to his checkbook.