A bank robber was caught by police yesterday after he allegedly tried to hold up the same Manhattan bank for the third day in a row. “Maybe a handful of times I’ve heard of a guy come back a few weeks later. I’ve never heard of a guy come back two days in a row, let alone three,” said a law-enforcement source. Maybe he just wanted to ask for a job?

The alleged thief, NJ resident Charles Burnett, is accused of stealing a total of more than $26,000 from the same downtown Sovereign branch between Monday and Wednesday. The 29-year-old allegedly held up the bank on Monday just after 9 a.m. in a brusque manner—he shoved a customer out of the way and handed a teller a demand note that read: “Put money in the bag, I have a gun.”

The next day, he was back at the bank just after 10 a.m., and acted in a similar manner; when the first teller he approached said she didn’t have any cash, he went to another teller. “He told the girl next to me, ‘I will shoot you in the f--king face if you don’t give me all your money.' He walked out with like $14,000,” said the first teller Danielle Stephens, who happened to be starting her first day of work.

After the second heist, Burnett's security-camera photo was put up in local police stations. When he came in on the third day in a row just after 9 a.m., tellers couldn't believe it: “It was the same dumbass who hit us yesterday. He was huge,” said one worker. Police driving by the bank recognized him from his wanted poster and apprehended him. For her part, Stephens thinks Burnett was asking to be punished: “Same guy, three days in a row. Obviously he wanted to get caught. He didn’t seem like he was all there.” Or maybe a lifetime serving one machine is ten times worse than prison.