2007_02_bankrobbery.jpgYesterday, webchango uploaded some photographs of a man who had been shot after trying to rob a Brooklyn Heights Citibank. It turns out would-be robber Andy Wilson hit the Montague Street branch with a 12-inch knife and demanded money by "banging. his knife" against the bulletproof window, yelling, "Give me the money!"

The bank teller had hit a panic button instead, so Wilson broke the lights over the teller, letting shards of glass fall on her. The police arrived, telling Wilson to drop the knife. Instead, Wilson "lunged at an officer" and another cop shot Wilson in the stomach.

A 73 year old customer who was in the bank at the time told the Daily News she thought, "If I get out of this one, I will never die," while running from the bank. Wilson, who is in stable condition, was charged with robbery, criminal possession of a weapon, and criminal mischief. And one commenter noted that Wilson had an iPod and his "left earbud stayed intact through the entire incident."

Photograph by webchango on Flickr