Crazy news on the Upper East Side: A robbery suspect robbed a bank at 721 Lexington, took a dye pack and went onto an N train, and at some point, left the train and left the dye pack on it. The dye pack went off, making people sick - and probably frightened, because an early report noted gas coming from a suitcase. FDNY and the NYPD were thinking it was a hazmat situation, but now it seems to be settled. However, the subway at Lexington and 59th Street might be difficult - WNBC says it's closed at 59th and 3rd Avenue.

We'll update as we get more information. Oh, and the commotion at 86th Street? That was another bank robbery - we wonder if they were linked.

Update: We're confused - WNBC 4 seems to report that the robber fled and the dye exploded on the street, but NY1 says it exploded at the station (though not on the train).