Why does the NYPD have to be such a Grinch? According to police, there have been 21 bank robbery attempts since December 1st, over twice the attempts from last year. Police told the Post they attribute the spike to joblessness and the "desperation that accompanies the holiday shopping season," which is proved by one robber who decided to go shopping for clothes after the crime. Just two more of these and we'll have a trend!

On December 21st, Anthony Flynn robbed the Victory State Bank on Forest Avenue, and was caught on surveillance soon after shopping for clothing at the Staten Island Mall. He was arrested, and cops found he was on parole for robbing a bank last winter. And this man was clearly going to buy his family a Christmas feast with his stolen cash, if only that teller didn't laugh at him.

Police say the overall number of bank robberies was down from 2009, though it looks like arrests were down too. Police arrested 169 suspects from 208 bank robberies this year, and made 229 arrests for 218 robberies last year. Perhaps they went easy on them. It's the spirit of Christmas!