As the old saying goes, the rich are different than you and me. Except, it seems, in the case of their willingness to pay for things at Whole Foods. In that case, all bets are off and they're going to shoplift like moody teens, as bank executive Jordan Lupu allegedly tried to do by hiding items in a baby stroller and walking out of a Tribeca Whole Foods.

According to a complaint filed in Manhattan Criminal Court, Lupu was caught by a security guard at the Tribeca store on February 5th after he took "three Whole Body products and twenty eight grocery items," put them in the bottom of his baby stroller and try to leave the store with them. Lupu couldn't successfully complete the alleged shoplifting attempt, however, and was slapped with petit larceny and criminal possession of stolen property charges.

According to the NY Post, the 42-year-old Lupu is an executive at BMO Capital Markets who has both a "swanky pad" at an apartment building in Manhattan and a million-dollar Westchester home. Still, the appeal of the steal proved too much for Lupu, according to the complaint.

While he didn't quite go with the defense that our own shoplifting expert once gave—"You have to say that you have a lot of money and you're clearly not intending to steal; it was kind of a drunk bet you made with your friend about stealing a sausage from a supermarket—his lawyer went with a version of that excuse, telling the Post that the only way Lupu could have checked the price of an item near the exit and also keep an eye on his kids was to just head for said exit with his stroller.

Ultimately, Lupu's case was adjourned, and provided he stays out of trouble for six months the case will be dismissed. Still, let this be a lesson for other rich people who may be tempted to steal: you will uh...well you'll get in a very small amount of trouble.