2007_05_detective.jpgWork crews for renovations aren't allowed to start until 7AM. But when work crews would arrive well before that at a Valley National Bank branch near West 18th And 8th Avenue in Chelsea, one resident decided to take his complaints to the top. The Post reports that Jeff Boyle called the NJ home of CEO of Valley National Bank, Gerald Lipkin, to complain.

Boyle's side of the story is priceless: He said, "Hi, I live on 18th Street," and then Lipkin allegedly "flipped out" and shouted, "I have no control over what goes on! You're violating my privacy!" (Lipkin's phone number is listed - and we're curious if his bank makes any solicitation calls.) Next thing that happens, the NYPD is at Boyle's building, asking his neighbors and super for information about him. The Post points out that residents had called 311 to complain, but nothing had happened.

When Boyle spoke to a Major Crimes squad detective, the detective said, "You did not commit a crime" several times but told him "Don't do that again." The detective did admit, however, that he was contacted by Valley National's security chief. Boyle realizes that the detective was "obviously caught in the middle" but said, "For the CEO of a bank to use the NYPD to get in a pissing match with me, for Gerald Lipkin to try and intimidate me this way, is outrageous." Seriously - doesn't the NYPD have better things to do?

And a different story by the Post reported that complaints about off-hours construction noise has grown tenfold, partially thanks to the creation of 311.