2007_05_phone.jpegYesterday's NY Post story about an NYPD detective calling up a Chelsea resident about his noise complaint brought in the comments. Jeff Boyle, frustrated that the crews working at a Valley National Bank branch near West 18th and 8th Aveune were coming around 5AM, called Valley National Bank president Gerald Lipkin to complain - on Lipkin's home phone in NJ. Shortly after that, the police went to Boyle's house to investigate and Boyle was told by a detective not to call Lipkin again.

The story touched many chords - residents who are assaulted by noise well before when the law permits construction work to take place, the possible abuse of power by getting the NYPD involved, the lack of progress from 311 complaints driving residents to desperate measures. Now Lipkin speaks to the Post. Lipkin says that the NYPD got involved because "Anyone calling at 5 in the morning is suspicious. He called me at home because he wanted to punish me."

The counter-argument could be that anyone having construction crews start at 5AM is punishing residents, but one reader suggests that calling someone at home is harassment and a fine-able offense. Either way, Lipkin could have taken the opportunity to explain that he does not handle the construction plans and offered his apologies to NYC resiednts, but he didn't - he needs better PR help.