Japanese girls loves their digital cameras; Photo - AP

Assemblyman Scott Stringer (on the Upper West Side) is trying jumpstart legislation that will ban cameraphones in health clubs. He said in a press conference at a YMCA where cameraphones are already banned, "This technology has the potential to really infringe on the privacy of New Yorkers." Dude, the potential is proven, but whatever, it's true, it doesn't belong in gym locker rooms. Usually Gothamist is so freaked out by people who like to be naked for so long, prancing around, that we avert the eyes and would never even think of using a cameraphone, but we're weird like that.

The Daily News article also mentions other global instances of cameraphones being too powerful for their own good: "In Japan, where nearly half of all cell phones are photo phones, magazine publishers have become concerned about consumers who snap shots of pages they like instead of buying the magazine." Cameraphones + Internet blogs = Demise of magazines! But no mention of cameraphones being used to catch perverts who molest women on the subways.