Aha! Bally's Total Fitness, after Attorney General Eliot Spitzer's office investigated them, has agreed to stop its "high-pressure sales tactics and other dishonest practices" used to get poor, unsuspecting people to join their gyms. There were over 600 complaints about Bally's over the past five years, and Spitzer's office said Bally's "engaged in deceptive and unlawful business practices." And based on many reports, Bally's customer acquisition and retention strategies are built on tricking customers and harrassing them when they try to leave. Yes, it's like going to a strip club. As any New Yorker with a gym membership knows, joining a gym is like joining the the worst useful cult in the world - you know you need it but you're treated like crap. That's why Gothamist can't wait until it's nice outside to go running. Or at least walk while we're taking pictures.