"Balloon" Boy FOREVER! After yesterday's not-quite press conference where "Balloon" dad Richard Heene simply claimed again that Thursday's Fort Collins, Colorado runaway balloon was not hoax and offered a cardboard box for reporters' questions, the Larimer County Sheriff's office announced they were preparing charges against the Heene family. According to the Denver Post, "The sheriff did not give specifics, but he said the charges would probably be a Class 3 misdemeanor. False reporting is a Class 3 misdemeanor."

However, Larimer County Sheriff Jim Alderden added that he "would talk to the district attorney and federal officials, including the Federal Aviation Administration, to see what other charges could be considered." On Thursday, a 20' by 5' flying saucer balloon escaped from the Heene family's backyard—allegedly with his 6-year-old Falcon onboard. However, when the balloon landed, there was no child and it turned out that little Falcon was in the garage attic the entire time. Adding to the mystery was Falcon's claim that it was "for a show" and his repeated puking on national TV, plus news that his parents had been shopping around a reality TV show idea about their family. Gawker spoke with a former assistant of Richard Heene's who strongly believes the entire episode was a hoax.

Richard Heene and wife Mayumi voluntarily met with investigators for a few hours yesterday. Afterwards, they stayed at a motel (where their three sons met up with them) while investigators searched their house and removed a number of boxes and computers.
Alderden is expected to have another press conference later today.