A house of Baldwins divided against itself cannot stand: is born again actor Stephen Baldwin considering a mayoral run against his big brother Alec? The youngest (and in his own words, "kookiest") of the Baldwin brothers said as much in an interview with conservative talk-show host Alex Jones at the Talkers New Media Conference. He even asked Jones to be his campaign manager: "If it looks like Alec is going to run for mayor for sure, and it looks like he's getting some traction, you and I will circle back, you have to help me raise the money, and maybe we'll go head to head with big brother."

Even so, the Bio-Dome star was realistic about his chances—"I'd say Alec probably has an edge on me in NY." That might be because he is a self-proclaimed "jesus freak evangelical charismatic born again conservative independent," which doesn't trend very well here. But he is quite nice to sketchy homeless people!

There was also this, uh, quote: "New York is a funky place brother. It's got a lot of people, lot of opinions, it's a melting pot, they're from all over, and they want what they want. It ain't easy being Stevie B in NYC." If The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas hasn't already endeared New Yorkers to him forever, then that quote will undoubtedly do the trick.

You can check out the full interview below, including our favorite part (around the 5:00 minute mark) where Stephen pulls out a pitch perfect Alec impression. Last week, friends of the elder Baldwin dished that he was seriously interested in a mayoral run in 2013. Mayor Bloomberg just wants those pesky Baldwins to stay off his lawn: "I only want him to stay out of my business for the next 935 days. For the record, I do not plan to go into his business."