It's the battle of the century: a bald eagle spotted on Staten Island is dueling it out with a flock of ospreys for food and "prime treetop space" in Chapin Woods in Dongan Hills. And things are getting intense! One local birdwatcher described the eagle taking on six ospreys, who were "switching trees and fighting over fish," while another neighborhood resident said he saw an eagle chasing after a large osprey who had caught a fish—they were both "huge, and flying so fast!" he reported.

It's not the first time a bald eagle has flapped around these parts: last year, a family of bald eagles were spotted around Riverside Park, and the Staten Island Museum's science director Edward Johnson told SILive, “While I wouldn’t call them common, sightings of bald eagles around Staten Island are certainly not rare." Just one more reason the Island deserves a little respect!