Police are continuing to investigate the case surrounding a 4-year-old boy who fell to his death from a balcony in Co-op City on Friday night. Though a DOB spokesman said a balcony inspection showed no structural dangers, it turns out management company RiverBay Corp. was late to tell residents to stop their terrace use. A month ago they were ordered to stop balcony use by June 6th, but only told residents to clear off on June 4th.

The letter read, "Remove all items no later than June 6 . . . For safety purposes, your terrace doors will be sealed from the outside once work starts until it's finished." However, that didn't give residents much time to move their belongings, and the company still hadn't sealed the doors of Malachi Johnson's terrace on the night that he fell to his death. Neighbor Audrey Parks says, "If everything was sealed by last Monday, this wouldn't have happened." Johnson's father is also demanding answers from the DOB, saying his son was smart. "I want to know how he fell off the balcony and if the balcony was safe."

Residents say there is a six-inch gap between the building and the balcony's railing, which a child could easily slip through. However, it came to no surprise to residents that RiverBay Corp. was slow to respond to the balcony use order. One resident told the Daily News, "Nothing around here gets done on time, so I just ignored it."