Evan Potts is being held on $5 million bond after pleading not guilty to manslaughter charges after fatally striking 34-year-old Ian Sharinn with his Nissan Altima and then driving over the victim's body. The 22-year-old defendant's lawyer, Stanley Kopilow, said he would appeal the high bail—$500,000 if paid in cash—as he told the court yesterday, "This was a tragedy that was fueled by unreasonable anger on the part of the deceased and panic on behalf of my client."

Kopilow said that it was it was a "reckless but not intentional act" that set off Sharinn, who was driving alongside Potts in his Porsche Friday morning around 10 a.m. in Long Beach. After the two exchanged words from their vehicles, Potts made a U-turn to get away, Sharinn ran a red light, blocked his way and got out of the vehicle. Witnesses say Sharinn then began pounding on Potts's Altima. Police confirmed that Potts had dialed 911 from his cell phone while Shrainn was yelling at him.

The News describes
Sharinn as "a well-built six-foot-five." His sister told Newsday he was an athletic engineer who enjoyed mountain biking and volleyball. She said, "He lived life with spontaneity. And then some animal just killed him." His funeral is set for this afternoon.

Outside court yesterday, the mother of Evan Potts cried, yelling to her son that it was going to be okay. The Queens College student has been arrested previously on on charges of possession of burglar tools and marijuana, resisting arrest, third-degree criminal trespass and disorderly conduct. He arrived at his arraignment in shorts, sneakers with bright green laces and a t-shirt commemorating the rescue mission in Darfur.