The NJ man accused of viciously beating two Rangers fans after the Rangers-Flyers game in Philadelphia is back in custody, after a judge raised his bail from $100,000 to $400,000.

According to prosecutors, "Out of nowhere [Veteri] threw an overhand punch that basically broke the victim's face." (Victim Neal Auricchico, an off-duty cop and Iraq War veteran from NJ, is preparing for facial surgery to his orbital bone; he suffered a concussions as well.) The beating outside Geno's Steaks was captured on video and the Philadelphia police issued an edited video, asking the public to identify the three assailants in Flyers jerseys who were seen in the footage. Veteri, who was arrested after numerous tips, allegedly yelled, "Welcome to South Philadelphia, (expletive)!"

Veteri's defense attorney Michael Anthony DeFino said the case had "taken on a life of its own" and was being "tried in the media." reports, "He said Veteri has three young children, including an autistic son, and struggles with drug addiction." Veteri has been arrested 11 times Philadelphia, Florida, Georgia and Maryland, for charges including aggravated assault and drug possession.

Prosecutors had originally asked for $500,000, but were satisfied with the $400,000 amount. A relative of Veteri's said, "We'll get it if we have to sell ourselves."