The man accused of having his wife gunned down—while he strolled with her and their 3-year-old son on a suburban NJ street—was called "sociopathic" and "narcissistic" by the prosecutor. Morris County Prosecutor Robert Bianchi said that Kashif Parvaiz was a flight risk and asked for Parvaiz's $1 million bail to be raised to $3 million.

Bianchi cited the $2 million Parvaiz will receive from his share of a Queens building sale, thanks to a generous friend. A judge agreed and the bail was raised. However, Parvaiz's lawyer Mitchell Ansell, said his client would plead not guilty and told reporters later, "Kashif Parvaiz did not kill his wife That is the last thing that Kashif Parvaiz wanted to happen on that date. Kashif Parvaiz loved his wife more than anything." Parvaiz did, according to court records, admit to investigators that he plotted his wife's murder.

Parvaiz's alleged accomplice was Massachusetts resident Antoinette Stephen, who has been described as his mistress. Stephen allegedly pulled the trigger and is currently being held on $5 million bail. However, Stephen's sister said, "[Parvaiz] brainwashed her! He kept saying his child had sickle-cell anemia and how his wife was a bad mother. He said his wife wanted money to go out and buy new stuff. She didn't care that the kid was sick."

And the Post has more details about Parvaiz's lucky real estate deal, which came about from his friendship with 74-year-old Martin Ragusa. A will shows that Ragusa has named Parvaiz as the main beneficiary to his property; Ragusa's nephew is getting $26,000 (Ragusa has millions in property) and said, "I'm surprised I'm getting anything. I knew that when Kash got involved, he was going to take everything, and he pretty much has." While the exact nature of Ragusa's relationship with Parvaiz is unclear—Ragusa has referred to Parvaiz as a son—the Post described the situation thusly, "Accused wife-killer Kashif Parvaiz's aging, gay sugar daddy was so smitten with the handsome boy toy that he rewrote his will to leave him nearly everything he owned, The Post has learned."