2008_12_whmoore.jpgHorace Moore, the man suspected of killing bus driver Edwin Thomas on the B46 route, was denied bail. The Post notes that Brooklyn Judge Stephanie Zaro "sarcastically" referred to Moore's extensive criminal resume when speaking to Moore's lawyer, "Your client is 20 years old. He began his illustrious career at 15 years old. I'm remanding him." The Daily News points out that Moore had "got[ten] off easy for prior crimes," which allegedly include "knifing a buddy in the stomach over a $100 debt." Moore's lawyer tried to explain that Moore has a young child and another baby on the way, and the victim's brother fumed about Moore, "They're talking about him having kids coming. But my brother had kids also, and I don't have a brother now. My niece and nephew, they don't have a father now."