We really liked the Talk of the Town piece in this week's New Yorker about New York Public Library patrons needing to check their bags if they are bigger than 11 by 14 inches. (While anti-security is the subtext, let's face it, when you find out a map dealer has been secretly cutting out maps from your rare books to sell, you probably want to do as much as you can to discourage people from bringing in their exacto knives.) What we're curious about is whether there's a maximum depth allowed for an 11" x 14" bag - like, would a fat 11" x 14" bag that's about 10" deep be okay, as these days? And we wonder what's the limit of plastic ziplock bags you get (you're allowed to bring in some items from your oversized bags) - imagine the fun Fingerman would have!

The article's writer, Nick Paumgarten, also covered the subway bag checks last summer.