Subways: Two men died after being hit by subways. Yesterday, a 60 something man leapt in front of a Manhattan bound L at Sutter Avenue in Brooklyn, surviving the impact but dying at the hospital later. The other was a 20 year old hit by an uptown 1 train at Christopher Street early Saturday morning; authorities say he was drunk and fell in but his relatives are going to investigate.

Buses: A 20 something year old Bronx man was run over by a bus at 42nd Street and 8th Avenue. An Academy bus was making a left turn at 42nd and hit the man who was talking on his cellphone. The Daily News adds this grisly detail: The person at the other end of his call was still on the line and asked what had happened; a traffic agent said, "He got hurt, ma'am." Charges have not been filed against the driver. And, in the only lightest but actually still alarming story, a drunk man managed to steal a Peter Pan bus from the Port Authority and drive it all the way to JFK, raising concerns about how tight security during this heigtened terror alert days.